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Heads Up Display
"Here is a cave on the way to basement of Juraid Mountain, Eslante. It is alleged that huge whole is created at the mountain due to long-standing combat with evil army. This whole is a basement to go to evil army. However, to prevent loss of combat power, El Morad and Karus allow to access only qualified Knight at certain time through Gatekeeper!"

How to Enter the Juraid Mountain?

Apply to Reserve Knight Captain at Eslant.

Entrance Hour and Requirements

- Above Lv.70 only can enter after application. Please refer Knight Event Schedules.
(But, User who got reported or has a limit to enter cannot join by stat or skill point.
- Once you enter, 1 % of own XP is loss.
(In case of Premium; 0.7% loss, Premium + Cyber cafe bonus; 0.5% loss)

Different Races

Process Method

- Combat method at Juraid Mountain is 8 vs 8.
- Combat hour is 50 minutes, and party is formed automatically once you enter.
- Bridge to next step appears once you defeat Juraid monsters.
Even if you cannot defeat all monsters, bridge appears per 10 minutes, one by one.

Different Races

Condition to Win

- Condition #1
Nation to defeat 'Devabird' protecting central area will win.
- Condition #2
If 'Devabird' is not defeated in 50 minutes, nation with higher kill count will win.


Every time you defeat monsters at Juraid, many types of Gems drop. Obtainable Gem is different according to the result; win and lose.
You can exchange Gems from Juraid at Chaos Generator, Moradon.

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